• wrestlers will participate in raising the funds that support the wrestling team
  • a lack of participation may result in termination from the wrestling team
  • there are 2 Main Fundraiser
    • Applebees Fundraiser - wrestlers sell $7 tickets for all you can eat pancake/sausage/drink breakfast Sunday November 26
    • East Region Novice Wrestling Tournament - wrestlers volunteer at the youth tournament held here at MMHS for
  • the Slaughter House Farms fundraiser is outside the regular wrestling season so participation is voluntary; however, any participation will be used to offset the cost of your wrestling gear
    • wrestlers volunteer at the Haunted House attraction


  • wrestlers must have clean work-out gear daily, including knee pads and shoes; clothes left at practice will be discarded
  • wrestlers should bring their own water bottle to practice
  • wrestlers should take a shower immediately after practice, as soon as they get home, as a part of their daily routine


  • dress appropriately during the winter months to avoid illness
  • eat healthy foods to prevent illness - include plenty of fruits and vegetables


  • if you are unable to attend practice or an event, prior arrangements must be made with Coach Johnson
    • an unexcused absence may result in the loss of the privilege to participate in the next event or termination from the team


  • if you are injured and unable to compete but still want to be a member of the wrestling team you must attend all practices and events
    • if you are recovering light exercising will be given
    • if you are unable to compete the remainder of the year duties will be assigned so you are an active member of the team
  • unexcused absences and a lack of participation will result in termination from the team

Away Trips

  • all wrestlers are required to travel as a team to dual meets; competing wrestlers are required to travel to tournaments
  • all wrestlers are required to return from competitions together as a team
  • wrestlers will wear a shirt and tie to away and home matches


  • education comes 1st, wrestlers are expected to keep their grades up
  • tutoring will be allowed with prior approval, wrestler must have a note from the teacher
  • wrestler will make up time missed at the end of practice


  • wrestlers are expected to use appropriate language at all times
  • win or lose, wrestlers will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner
  • wresters will sit with and support their teammates during competition
    • family/friends should refrain from entering warm-up/competition area during dual meets, may result in team penalty
    • wrestlers may not leave warm-up/competition area during dual meets without permission from a coach
  • wrestlers will treat parents, teachers, coaches, and officials with respect at all times
  • refrain from participating in any activity that will disrupt the regular school program or that will dishonor the school or yourself
  • refrain from using Social Media to participate in innappropriate conduct; media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect...


  • keep uniforms clean, wrestlers are responsible for lost or stolen gear and damage other than normal wear


  • for competitions
    • a pair of black pants and a pair of khaki (tan) casual pants along with a casual pair of shoes
  • for practice:
    • t-shirt
    • shorts or sweatpants
    • wrestling shoes - can be purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods, online, or see Coach Johnson for magazines with sales/discounts

Pay to Play Fee

  • Due prior to the 1st competition. Fee scale:
    • $10 - students receiving free meals
    • $20 - students receiving reduced meals
    • $40 - students who do not receive free/reduced meals
  • Make checks available to Mardela Middle & High School
  • Information to pay online TBA


  • it is YOUR responsibility to periodically check the HOME link for updates

if you have any questions/concerns contact Coach Johnson 410-543-8455 or