Note: To increase communication & decrease the use of paper which is often lost or misplaced, Wrestling information is being put online. It is imparative that Wrestlers take the responsibility to periodically check this site for "UPDATES" in addition to listening to verbal communication.

First Practice

Wednesday November 15 from 3pm - 5pm

New Uniform Design

The new team uniforms are no longer singlets. The new Under Armor uniforms will consist of regular no-pocket loose fitting knee length shorts and a compression t-shirt.

Hydration Test

Purpose: the test will compare your weight, body fat, and hydration level to determine a safe weight class for you to wrestle, it prevents athletes from loosing too much weight and helps insure a healthy athlete
Date: Saturday November 18, 2017
Time: TBA
Responsibility: make sure you are drinking water as opposed to a lot of salty or sugary drinks prior to the hydration test

    • any questions/concerns can be directed to Coach Johnson at djohnson@wcboe.org or 410-251-0420
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